Virtual Reality Wall


RDA in partnership with Virtual 3D have invented The Virtual Reality Wall  -  the whole wall becomes the screen.


”Gives the illusion of looking through a window

To Another World”

"As the inventor of the Virtual Reality Wall

where the whole wall is the screen..."


"...  We cheat"


By using the latest technologies from Defence Industry Simulators and Planetariums.




Ultra Large Screens


The centre of any home cinema is of course the screen.


The larger the screen - the larger the viewing angle for the viewer and the more immersive and realistic the experience.



”Like sitting in front row seats,

at a sports game or concert”



We also make more conventional screens of 120" - 200" operated by remote control.



”Unbelievable feeling”

CinemaScope - Ultra Wide Screens


For the best movie watching experience we recommend going for a CinemaScope  (ultra wide) screen.


You can have a picture of 200" - 600 !"


With a CinemaScope screen you have the whole picture


    -  a normal HD TV has black bars top and bottom

    -  movie are stretched to fill the top and bottom

    -  missing out the sides of the picture.


The shape is 2.40:1 as opposed to the 16:9 of normal wide screen TVs.

These are available in up to 156" and  far larger by special order.

Total Immersion


Watching such a large screen gives you the feeling you are


  • Inside the movie or video game
  • At a sunny beach, or on top of a mountain
  • Looking at a real 5m aquarium ...



”Like sitting in front row seats,

at a sports game or concert”



This special high contrast screens are made especially for each apartment on site.


We use a combination of our proprietary technologies which are a closely guarded trade secret.


It works in daylight so you can use the screen both in the daytime and in the evening - even with the lights on, both never possible until now.




Professional Cinema Projectors


We use the same projectors as used by many of Hollywood's Movie Studios and professional grading suites when colour grading movies.


We try and break the laws of Physics - by using Two Ultra High Power lamps producing 11,000 lumens:  one lamp of 600-1,200 lumens is normal ...



”Amazing Super Bright Picture

even with

a white floor and walls”



The ultimate picture quality and superb pixel for pixel accuracy of these projectors is why they are used heavily in multi-million pound flight and military simulators and planetariums.


Being designed and warrantied for 24 x 7 x 365 operation - reliability can be taken for granted.


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