RDA is unique in the market.

A hybrid between a Science and Technology Company

Construction and Manufacturing.


We are focussed on bringing Cost Savings;


& Quality

- never seen before

to the multi trillion dollar housing and construction markets.

[$15 trillion worldwide in 2015].





We innovate through using the latest R & D

Best Practice  &  Processes


Mass Manufacturing Technologies

from many diverse industries.



Chemistry, Physics and Material Sciences from Aerospace;

Automation processes from the Automotive Industry;

Plant and Machinery adapted from heavy industry;



Manufacturing time and cost are dramatically reduced

compared to traditional techniques.



All with improved Quality Control and Sustainability.






We take advantage of the latest advances in material sciences

and composite technologies


    • Used extensively in Aerospace:  Boeing 787;  Airbus  A380;
    • New Euro Fighter Typhoon;  US Air Force F-35 Lightning II
    • Car Manufacturing  e.g.  Ferrari;  Aston Martin;  Lamborghini;  Formula One


- Implemented on a massive scale to produce large cost savings.


These enable us to produce State of the Art

Walls; Floors, Roofs, Ceilings and Foundations


Weather Proof

Rapid Assembly and Bonding Systems






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