David is a very senior and well respected senior member of the construction and property industry.

Starting after university in 1972.

He is one of the UK's pioneers of modular offsite construction for housing.


In his career including many years spent at Mace Construction,

Dave has been involved in constructing approx 25,000 housing units

of which approx 4,000 are modular.

Dave holds an MBA from Cranfield School of Management.






Paul is a qualified Civil and Structural Engineer with deep rooted entrepreneurial passion.


A co-founder of RDA, Paul is a proven development executive

with a long and tremendously successful

career in project management and property development.


Paul was part of the original founding team of Mace (the 8th person to join) and main board director

Mace is a leading international real estate consultancy

£2 billion turnover and over 5,000 employees


Playing an instrumental role in its ethos and establishment

as one of the world’s largest and prominent construction consultancies

during which time he led major real estate and infrastructure projects

for Merril Lynch, Barclays and Heathrow Airport.


He worked with Savills plc establishing a new development management subsidiary

which led major developments for the global corporates

including Hutchison Whampoa, Fidelity Investments and Reebok.


Paul was first involved in modular construction in the 1980’s

and has maintained a innovative passion to realising the advantages

of factory based mass production of standardised building components.






Michael is a Chartered Engineer, with many qualifications - too numerous to list.

Mike is a member of many prestigious Institutions.


From building Nuclear Power Stations, to Commercial Office Blocks,

Residential Housing, many Retail Shopping Centres, Factories

to Universities, Bridges and  Business Parks.


Mike has been in construction and engineering since 1972.






Robert was in charge of the Government's Public Private Partnership

for building Schools and Hospitals.


As part of his role building many schools and hospitals for the Government

Robert has addressed Parliament on occasion.


Robert is also a seasoned CEO and MD of both UK and US public companies.





Romy spent the first 1/3 of his adult life in technology.

He designed and sold one of the worlds largest and most complex databases

in his late 20s in the late 90s.

Then moving on to property development and construction

he pioneered smart homes before the term existed.


Having had a very successful career and then losing money in the Great Recession,

Romy realised the need for as recession proof an offering as possible.


He has been developing modular housing technologies on and off since 2002/2003.


Having now developed technology, processes and solutions

that put RDA at the forefront worldwide

for mass manufacturing residential and industrial / logistics facilities.





Ahad is also one of the co-founders of RDA Modular.


He has spent many years at the top of residential sales

in London's illustrious West End.

Houses typically changing hands for over £50 million.


With the drop in the residential market post Brexit, Ahad also realised the need

for a mass volume affordable low cost housing offering.





Indira and Nicole are jointly responsible for Investor Relations, Marketing, PR and Social Media.

With many years of sales and marketing experience between them

they give RDA a young and fresh edge.


Nicole is a qualified veterinary surgeon with a passion for architecture and design.


After working in practice, and then as a successful architectural recruitment consultant,

she is able to combine her skills in both problem solving and creative thinking.


The exciting opportunity of working with a company who embraced both technology

and architectural design was the perfect fit.


Indira comes from a family of successful residential real estate developers.

Indira recognised the potential and opportunity of RDA straight away

and elected to join rather than follow the family business.





Substantial market leaders in their respective fields.

UK, Italy, Germany and Japan. Only disclosed on signing of NDAs




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