Invisibility Is The Key



The hiding of speakers is often a top priority for most high end installations.


Homes and offices often have different acoustic requirements not to mention very different decor.


These different characteristics have to be taken into account when designing any system to be suitable for its environment.




Invisible Can Mean Great Sound



Good design should enable excellent sound quality to come through and not be sacrificed for purely aesthetic reasons.


With many years of experience in designing custom made solutions that give totally invisible speaker installations yet great sound we can easily integrate speakers into your space without a single hint of being there.


We have many different solutions that enable speakers to be hidden in walls, ceilings, radiator housings, fireplaces, bathrooms and more .




Speakers Can Be Beautiful Furniture



We often use and manufacture bespoke cabinetry - to surround a screen, yet completely hide the best available in speaker technology and more importantly -



These speaker cabinets are made to measure and fit perfectly, so they look as if they are an integral part of your space.


There are many beautiful designs and finishes to choose from a wide variety of manufacturers and our own skilled craftsmen.






"Ultimate Musicality and Pleasure

are the

First Design Goals"



Beryllium Tweeters


Each of the main speakers uses ScanSpeak's top tweeter made from Beryllium -  many times more expensive than titanium.  This tweeter is famous as the World's Best and costs around twenty - thirty times the cost of a high end tweeter...



Flagship Woofers


Instead of one, two of Scanspeaks best woofers are used - giving extra high volume levels without distortion.



Flagship Sub Woofers


With two 12 subwoofers per front speaker there is no shortage of bass ...


"ScanSpeak and Seas are the Rolls Royce

of speaker manufacturers

and are priced accordingly"



Active Cross Overs


A crossover is the brains of a speaker.

It sends the signals to the tweeter and woofer drivers.


The tweeter is like the arms and produces the high notes / treble.

The woofers are the legs which make the bass.


99.9% of speakers use a passive crossover - because it is cheap and easy to do.


We do not use passive crossovers like most high end speakers, but fully active computerised DSP crossovers for ultimate sound quality.  This is far more expensive but gives an amazing sound quality in comparison.


Using Digital Signal Processing we perfectly match each tweeter and woofer acoustic and electrical properties with the custom made speaker cabinets. These are then matched to the acoustic properties of the room they are installed in.


The computer is programmed to fully optimise the signal fed to the amplifiers with all the speakers electrical and acoustic parameters.


These are then further tuned to fit the response from the bespoke handmade speaker cabinets and finally tuned to make the room sound as close to acoustically perfect as possible.

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