Enjoy music everywhere



You can now enjoy music in every room of your house. At RDA we provide a discreet yet superb sounding solution to music in the home.


Listen to music from your CD player, radio, iPod or music server while you are entertaining guests, having breakfast or even while you are in the bath.


Select the artist, album, track or your favourite playlist directly from a keypad or remote control. Hifi speakers can be recessed into the ceiling, wall or even disguised as framed artwork.




Home Networks



Future proofing your home


We cannot predict the future but we can prepare for it. A wired and wireless home network designed by RDA will allow you to send multiple audio, video and Internet feeds around your house in any number of different configurations giving you options now and in the future.


Whether you want your entire home to be 'high definition ready' or want to pre-wire for music in every room, RDA have a solution for you.




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