Interior Design


The interior design of a RDA real estate has a special touch, unlike any. Every aspect of design and aesthetics is timeless in style and impact.


We work with the best minds in construction, manufacturing, technology, home entertainment and lifestyle to create a living experience like no other.


RDA designs are bespoke to your requirements and completely customisable, making them unique and personal to you.





Quality  Quality  Quality


To get the finest finishes possible, our bespoke wooden doors and matching door frames, walk in wardrobes and even hand made furniture is covered in extremely high grade exotic imported veneers.  These are sanded by hand to make them ultra smooth.


The next steps in the process involve manually spraying with a very fine nozzle spray gun normally reserved for the best show cars 12 coats of the finest Italian high gloss lacquers.   Sanding by hand between coats and then lovingly and painstakingly polished with the best polishes and waxes:


"Twelve coats of Italian lacquer

applied and polished by hand

The ultimate gloss and mirror finish."


Needless to say this is the most expensive way of getting the result.


"Many times in life the most expensive is also the best ..."



Highest Quality Engineering


At RDA we choose from the best manufacturers the world has to offer.


"It is always worth buying the best

in both the short and the long term"



Japanese Electronics


For normal electronics we often use Sony's and Yamaha's flagship products.

Sony for televisions and Yamaha for audio processing.  Both firms are known for combining cutting edge technology combined with Japanese reliability.





European Reference Quality Home Cinemas


The Cinema Projectors are made in Norway by Barco and projectiondesign.  Buying from these European manufacturers is far more expensive than from Asia, but when you want reference quality products there is no alternative.


"The extremely high quality is definitely worth the premium"


Our reference quality audiophile amplifiers and power supplies use Hypex's cutting edge NCore technology from the Netherlands.


£10,000 per pair of amplifier monoblocks.  We normally use 17 per Cinema !


The speaker drivers are from Scanspeak and Seas both based in Norway.


"The Rolls Royce of speaker driver manufacturers"


"The first choice for Reference Speakers"



Scanspeak and Seas flagship drivers are used in many of the world's best speakers costing over £100,000 per pair.





Miele and Gaggeneau Kitchen Appliances


For kitchen appliances German manufacturers Miele and Gaggeneau are selected for their advanced features, superb quality and reliability.




Blanco, Blum and Hettich Kitchen Fittings


We use German made sinks from Blanco. Normally selecting from their flagship Zerox in satin polished steel, from their exclusive designer SteelArt range.

Kitchen fittings are normally Blum another excellent German manufacturer and German Hettich drawers and fittings for bathroom vanity units and wardrobes.





Bathroom Fittings


We exclusively use HansGrohe for shower mixers and thermostats and Grohe for WC fittings and flushes for utmost reliability and quality.



"German Engineering with Italian Style"

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