Bespoke & Custom


We use world-class crafstmen and boutique houses to produce quality handmade furnishings from around the world.


Our global reach enables us to cross-pollinate innovative furniture designs, styles and finishing techniques to give you access to exclusive creations that are owned by you and you only.



Luxurious Design


RDA design has a special touch, unlike any other.  Every aspect of design and aesthetics is timeless in style and impact.


We work with the best minds in construction, manufacturing, technology, home entertainment and lifestyle to create a living experience like no other.


RDA designs are bespoke to your requirements and completely customisable, making them unique and personal to you.




Quality  Quality  Quality


To get the finest finishes possible, our bespoke wooden doors and matching door frames, walk in wardrobes and even hand made furniture is covered in extremely high grade exotic imported veneers.  These are sanded by hand to make them ultra smooth.


The next steps in the process involve manually spraying with a very fine nozzle spray gun normally reserved for the best show cars 12 coats of the finest Italian high gloss lacquers.   Sanding by hand between coats and then lovingly and painstakingly polished with the best polishes and waxes:


"Twelve coats of Italian lacquer

applied and polished by hand

The ultimate gloss and mirror finish."


Needless to say this is the most expensive way of getting the result.


"Contrary to common opinion,

In Life the most expensive is often the best ..."

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