With years of experience in designing large schemes, whether 100% office, or mixed use.


RDA will assist in getting the offering right first time and to be extremely relevant for your marketplace.



A large variety of styles and developments illustrate our deep expertise and understanding of high end Residential Development.


From period Palaces to modern sky scrapers, RDA can assist in you realising your vision within short time scales than normally possible.


Our Pre-Sales and Marketing Services will package developments up for sale and offer them to the market in as short a time scale as possible.



Start Marketing and Pre-Sales as soon as planning consent is granted.



RDA is currently working on several Hotel Resorts and Residential Schemes throughout the world.


With project Gross Development Values ranging from USD 50 million to over 1 billion, we have in house expertise at many levels.


Our projects exhibit design flair and normally target the highly mobile HNWI segment.



Our team have designed several flagship retail schemes.


There are several key factors for success in any large retail development.


Having worked on several very large successful schemes we are well aware of these critical success factors.


Contact us for further information.




We design and build Spas, Health Resorts and other medical type facilities.


Some of the large growth areas that we are seeing include Hotel Resorts which encompass large elements of Optimum Health Preservation and Beauty Enhancement.


The HNWIs are focusing more on their health and it's preservation each year.


The Global Anti-Ageing market is now in the hundreds of billions USD each year and set to grow at a high sustainable rate.



We are used to designing for many "off the wall requests".


By thinking outside the box and having a willingness to question the norm, we pride ourselves on innovation and discovering future trends.

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