"You would not build a car in a field


- So why a house?"





The first residential construction projects were built by our founders 45 years ago.


Since then our senior management have built over 37,500 homes

including 6,000 modular houses and apartments

£3 billion approx. at current values.


Plus many million square feet of commercial and retail.


They are widely acknowledged as Industry Authorities on Offsite and Modular Manufacturing of Housing.



We have established an enviable international and domestic reputation

for building high quality homes;

efficiently and cost effectively;

for the most discerning clientele.



Royal Residences and Penthouses;

to High Rise Towers;

to Affordable and Social Housing


- We have created some of the most spectacular properties in the UK.


We are drawing on the wealth of experience and expertise gained over the last 40+ years

TO PERMANENTLY DISRUPT the traditional housing and construction markets.



3D Injection-Printing


Robotic Manufacturing


Our senior management have already produced and built 6,000 modular/prefab houses/apartments.


This has all been manual,

which increases costs, reduces quality

is very slow and limits capacity.


For the last few years we have been developing new technologies for automated mass manufacture

of housing, logistics facilties, schools, hospitals and 2*-4* hotels in state of the art factories.



Institutional Clients


Production is targeted towards our Institutional clientele, projects between 50 and 500 homes.


Housing Associations; Local Authorities;

Universities; Hospitals; Hoteliers;

"Build to Rent" and "Private Rented Scheme" Public and Private Developers

and National Housebuilders.


Many of our clients are large International Pension Funds; Insurance Companies,

Local Government and Institutional Investors.


We pride ourselves on our ability to offer

Cost Reductions

Speed of Delivery

Fixed Pricing  and

Build Quality

unprecedented within our industry.


Every building we manufacture is treated as if it were for our own occupation.


Working alongside award winning architects, engineers and designers,

we spend hours painstakingly revising design and construction details

- until they are just right.



Who We Are


RDA is admired for being a pioneer in the development of

the science of off-site manufacturing and automation

aka Modern Methods of Construction (MMC).


Dedicated to manufacturing large Residential and Affordable Housing Schemes

for Public, Institutional and Private developers.


Our ethos is simple.

To mass produce housing - cost effectively with speed, quality and precision.


We think mass manufacture of affordable housing

for normal and under privileged people

is the greatest gift we can give to humanity...



What Makes Us Unique ?


We are an Avant Garde Technology Company

with a Passion for Innovation & Quality.

Innovation & Design

Volumetric - Modern Methods of Construction

Precision Off Site Manufacturing

We take pride in designing Buildings and Residences that create a magnetic appeal for occupants.


We have redefined affordable housing and  the living experience by using cutting edge innovations in design, building and technology.


Each residence is designed and constructed using very low carbon footprint materials and technologies.


In addition, to use 75% less energy than conventional build.


Our products have

  • Larger Windows;
  • Higher Ceilings
  • More Space

than any other new built homes in their price range.


In addition they are eco-friendly with low running costs.


Thanks to grand styling; abundance of natural light and generous proportions, they are homes people are proud to live in.


Social and Affordable Housing no longer needs to look like low cost offerings.

Contact Details

Switchboard: +44 (0) 20 7487 4395 sales@rda.global

The buildings are made using off-site construction techniques and can be delivered and set up anywhere.



Mayor of London

Homes for Londoners Report (Dec 16)


Precision-manufacturing homes can offer an increased level of consistency and quality control and additional benefits in terms of speed of delivery, cost efficiencies and safety on site.


Our architectural, design, technology, engineering and construction teams are always at the cutting edge of new technology and innovations


To build and design developments - that we and most importantly our clients feel proud of.

Our Locations

US Facilities:


1. Bay Area

2. Los Angeles

3. North Nevada

4. Salt Lake City


Planned for 2019

UK Office:


Berkeley House

Berkeley Square,


London W1J 6BD




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By using

  • 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing
  • Aerospace Composites
  • Latest Advances in Material Sciences
  • Industrial Robots
  • Highly Automated Production Lines
  • A permanent highly skilled workforce,
  • We manufacture with precision of up to 0.5mm.



  • Laser and
  • 3D defect scanning
  • in a controlled factory environment,

we manufacture to a higher degree of precision than is possible on site.


Particularly taking into account a variable temporary workforce and changing weather conditions.


We are proud to use local resources and labour at each site.


We are proud to build and manufacture in the UK with British craftsmen.


Furthermore, an industry-wide move towards more off-site work could make a career in the construction sector more attractive to young people.


The Greater London Authority therefore expects to see an increasing number of bids that involve the precision-manufacture of new and affordable homes.